Best Irish Soda Bread Recipe from the Top Baker in Ireland

Widely acknowledged as the finest baker in Ireland, North or South, here is Robert Ditty’s prized soda bread recipe for your St. Patrick’s Day table. His shop is located in the village of Castledown in Derry, just outside of Belfast.

Robert Ditty’s Irish soda bread recipe:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Sift together:

4 cups white flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons sugar

Add 2 cups of buttermilk

currants, raisons or other dried fruit are optional

Knead for two minutes on lightly floured board

Shape into a round loaf
Place on a well-buttered, 8-inch pie pan and cut a cross along the 

Bake 35-40 minutes.

Enjoy warm with butter.

Luxurious Vacation Advise: Places To Travel In Canada

This country is famous for its distinctiveness and natural beauty. You’re given the opportunity to relish Canada’s rich cultural customs, elegant multicultural look, shopping markets, outdoor recreation and environmental excursions. Furthermore, you are able to pick from a huge set of food and wine places which will certainly help you match your palate’s longing for great food.

In regards to city adventures, many cities are on top of the list. Vancouver provides vacation goers with sophisticated water and mountain views that is overflowing with various entertainment for tourists of every age group. The city’s key tourist attractions can be conveniently traveled to by foot and also the metropolis is overflowing with world-class hotels. This place is jam-packed with a range of fun filled recreational activities ranging from enjoying the picturesque view of the mountains to the hype delivered by the city’s nightlife.

Toronto, which is the capital of Canada, is a favorite location for vacation goers who wish to experience a soothing and exquisite holiday adventure. The cool waters in the city gives travelers the splendor of the seashore. You will feel the wonderful need to walk the metropolis because of the classy multicultural attractiveness which the city gives. You’ll also indulge in the several restaurants, nightclubs and movie theaters which would enable you to desire to remain in the metropolis for a longer time. You will get to comprehend the splendor of the city even during the night as a result of the numerous locations which you are able to visit.

If you prefer history and you prefer to understand how these areas look like then the perfect place for you to see is Quebec. Feel the fantastic lifestyle comparable to Paris by indulging in freshly baked bread along with the fascinating scent of brewing coffee. You’ll also get the chance to love over 400 festivals all year round. The metropolis delivers you a broad range of practical, affordable and quality accommodation. You can even have fun with the city without obtaining a rental car because you could walk around the city and arrive at one tourist friendly place then to a different one.

The capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax, is likewise on top of the list in relation to luxury travel places. It features various top sites which illustrates the city’s vibrant history. You are able to take pleasure from numerous gatherings, museums and shows. You may also love in the city’s popular seafood dishes and enjoy the exquisite views of the harbor that is offered by a number of eating places within the city.

Niagara Falls is a must see destination in Canada. This favorite site is proven to be one of the leading natural wonders all over the world. This was once an exquisite honeymoon destination for couples that are immediately furthermore one of the most preferred places of families who wishes to enjoy a wonderful excursion with their spouse and children.

Adventure seekers will likewise get to have fun with Calgary. This place is acknowledged for hosting the Fifteenth Olympic Winter Games. In terms of winter sports activities and ecotourism, this is the finest area to go. You’ll be brimmed over with different celebration which will absolutely fulfill the passions of various vacation goers. This place is moreover known for providing various kinds of mountain resorts which couples, group of friends and also families would surely enjoy.

Also, when it comes to touring to Canada, Ottawa should in addition be part of your listing. Travel and leisure is the center of this location. You wouldn’t be left with dullness because this area has numerous exquisite attractions which are only a few strolls apart from one another. The two of its most well-liked attractions are the Parliament Hill and also the Rideau Canal. You are able to in addition head over to these areas cost-free. For individuals who are lovers of art, you will delight in their high quality exhibits that you will discover in their word class museums and galleries.

These are only some of the interesting areas where you may head out to when you visit Canada. This could be very easy particularly should you have already been in and out of this area. If you are novice travelers to Canada, it would be beneficial if you have a short list of all the areas which you intend to check out. This would aid you in considering and planning your getaway. In addition, this will help you in ensuring that you get the most out of your travel experience to these fantastic places.

Annapolis, Maryland shines in "Better Living Through Chemistry"

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND—Individuals who know and love Annapolis should mark their calendars for Friday, March 14. That’s the day the Maryland-made movie “Better Living through Chemistry” will make its debut in 75 theaters nationwide, including the Charles Theater in Baltimore.

Written and directed by Geoff Moore and David Posamentier, the movie stars Sam Rockwell, Oliva Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Ray Liotta and Jane Fonda. It’s about a small town pharmacist (played by Sam Rockwell) who is in a rut until he meets trophy wife Elizabeth Roberts (played by Olivia Wilde) and takes a walk on the wild side.

After the shooting of her scene in Annapolis, Jane Fonda raved about the destination in a June 1, 2012 blog: “Just finished my Cameo on “Better Living through Chemistry”. We filmed in Annapolis, Maryland. I’ve never been there before. Who knew how utterly charming it is? Loved it! Wish I could have stayed longer.”

Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference and Visitors Bureau President and CEO Connie Del Signore agrees with Fonda’s assessment. “The film shows off Annapolis in a wonderful way. If you love Annapolis, the movie is a must see. It will be great fun to identify familiar locations that ‘star’ in the film. For individuals who haven’t yet visited Annapolis, “Better Living through Chemistry”will give them a great introduction.” Among the Annapolis locations featured in the film are: State Circle, Maryland Avenue, Main Street, Galway Bay Irish Pub, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts and Quiet Waters Park.

Through the efforts of the Maryland Film Office, “Better Living through Chemistry” was shot in Maryland in the summer of 2012. According to the Film Office, the movie hired nearly 200 Maryland crew, cast members and extras and directly purchased or rented goods and/or services from 571 Maryland vendors. More than 200 of the businesses patronized were in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.

The AAACCVB is a nonprofit, membership-based, destination marketing organization that generates revenues for the local economy by promoting Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay to leisure, sports and business travelers across the country and around the world.

Sweden’s master painter Anders Zorn at NY’s National Academy Museum

One of the most successful artists of the Gilded Age, and one of the era’s most favored celebrities, Anders Zorn (1860-1920) was a portraitist of such skill and influence that only John Singer Sargent rivaled Zorn in popularity.
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The National Academy’s new exhibition, Anders Zorn: Sweden’s Master Painter, helps to explain how an illegitimate son of a Bavarian brewer raised in the countryside on his grandparents’ farm in Mora, Sweden became one of the most acclaimed and sought-after international artists of European royalty and American high society.

Featuring 90 works drawn from private and public collections throughout Europe and the United States, the retrospective displays Zorn’s mastery of oil painting, watercolors, etching, and sculpting.

Accepted into the Royal Academy for the Fine Arts at the age of fifteen, Zorn quickly gained recognition for his elegant style. One of his early paintings was purchased by King Oscar II of Sweden. A charismatic artist who sought inspiration wherever he traveled, Zorn attended the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago where he met influential members of American society, including Isabella Stewart Gardner who became Zorn’s patron and lifelong friend.

A testament to that friendship, Zorn’s Jewel-case from 1896 is an exquisite wood carving (later transferred to bronze) of a recumbent woman on a bed. Designed for Gardner, the piece was so admired by Zorn that he couldn’t bear to part with it.

The exhibition also features Zorn’s final creation, a small bronze sculpture titled The Broken Pot, which evocatively captures the juxtaposition of artistic perseverance in the face of mortality.

During the course of his seven extensive visits to the United States, Zorn cemented his social connections, painting portraits of presidents William Howard Taft and Grover Cleveland (and the first lady Frances), as well as American magnates and industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie. In 1904, Zorn attended a reception at the White House, which resulted in an etching of Theodore Roosevelt. As his wife, Emma (née Lamm) wrote about her husband in America, “He seems to fit in here.”

When not traveling, Zorn was a painter of quotidian life in Sweden, with a focus on the natural beauty and native folk culture of the Nordic landscape. His painting Midsummer Dance is one of Sweden’s national treasures.

Founded in 1825, the National Academy integrates a museum with an art school and an artists’ and architects’ association, all focused on a mission to promote the fine arts through exhibition and education. Housed in the former Huntington mansion, a 1902 Beaux-Arts townhouse located at 89th Street and Fifth Avenue, the National Academy exhibition Anders Zorn: Sweden’s Master Painter runs through May 18, 2014.

“It is wonderful that American audiences will now be able to become more familiar with this master’s art,” stated Bruce Weber, Senior Curator.

Big Sur's Tassajara Zen Center opens 2014 season

Every year, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center opens its doors to the general public for an annual guest season, which will take place from May 1 – September 14, 2014. Zen and meditation seekers, yoga lovers, artisan foodies, and everyday people looking to unplug and rejuvenate are invited to experience a truly serene environment at Tassajara; the most remote and oldest Zen monastery in the United States, located 25 miles southeast of Big Sur, CA. For the forthcoming 2014 guest season, the Tassajara Program Schedule 2014 offers disciplinary retreats in the following six specialty areas, all led by some of today’s leading teachers: Body and Mind, Mindful Living, Creative Expression, Engaging Earth, Spiritual Practice, and Zen Study & Practice.

Standout retreat leaders for the 2014 guest season include Jimmie Dale Gilmore (Singer-Songwriter, Actor), Zoketsu Norman Fischer (Poet, Author, Zen Buddhist Priest), Jane Hirshfield (Internationally Renowned Poet), Dale Kent (Author, Tassajara: Dinner and Desserts), Naomi Shihab Nye (Published Poet), Andrew Mellen (Author, More Love, Less Stuff), Marc Lesser (Google Meditation Workshops, CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute), Sessei Meg Levie (Google Meditation Workshops, Zen Buddhist Priest and Life Coach), Zenshin Florence Caplow & Reigetsu Susan Moon (Authors, The Hidden Lamp: Stories from 25 Centuries of Awakened Women), Janet Stone (Celebrity Vinyasa Yoga Instructor), Donald Moyer (Founding Director, The Yoga Room, Berkeley, CA), and many others.

Hit the trails for Ijams Hike-a-Thon March 2014

Visitors and locals can hit the trails around Knoxville, Tennessee and raise some cash at the same time. The Ijams Hike-a-Thon 2014 is underway.

Participants will first need to register online and then ask friends and family for pledges. Participants will need to log any classes that they take at Urban Wilderness. They will also need to keep track of the miles that they walk, bike or jog outdoors. Pledges are then collected and turned into Ijams Nature Center.

Funds raised will help protect environmental and historic resources. They will also help Ijams Nature Center continue to provide educational programs that benefit schools and the community. These programs are help students and community members better understand the mission of the nature and the impact their actions may have on the environment.

What better way to enjoy the environment than with a new bike route? The City of Knoxville has opened the route from Gay Street to the Knoxville Zoo. Plenty of signs are posted to help outdoor enthusiasts find their way. It promises scenery, shopping and fun.

Participants in the Ijams Nature Center Hike-a-Thon may want to look into the new bike route. More information on the route can be found on the website for the City of Knoxville.

Early Mountain Vineyards brings on the oysters, again

Early Mountain Vineyards is hosting its 2nd annual oyster festival, Sat., March 8. Last year’s inaugural festival sold out, and organizers expect the same for this year.

As before, the festival offers unlimited oysters from Virginia’s Eastern Shore, clams, chowder and all the fixings. The fixings are provided by Kitchen of Charlottesville and include dirty rice and bean jambalaya, ham biscuits, potato salad, hushpuppies, corn on the cob and collard greens.

The steamed and roasted oysters are coming from Magotha Bay on the southern tip of the Eastern Shore. The raw bar will feature sweeter varieties of aqua-cultured oysters from the bayside, specifically from Hungars Creek and Church Creek, as well as saltier seaside varieties from Magotha Bay. The clams will also be sourced from Hungars Creek.

For the perfect pairing, each guest receives a complimentary glass of 2012 Chatham Church Creek Steel Chardonnay, one of Early Mountain’s “Best of Virginia” selections, and a souvenir glass to take home. Additional wine will be available for purchase, and Early Mountain’s tasting room will also be open. Adding to the festivities, there will be live music by Peacetime, performing a mix of jazz, soft rock and funk music.

Located in Madison, Va., at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Early Mountain Vineyards is holding the festival from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The regular admission tickets are $85 per person and available online at

Currituck OBX Discovery: Grave Digger Dennis Anderson

Monster trucks are suped up pickup trucks with tires five-feet high and motors that growl like wild animals. They are professionally raced at large-scale venues nationwide, drawing millions of fans and producing hours of family fun.

In Poplar Branch on Currituck County, NC’s mainland road sits one of the most famous of those trucks: Grave Digger, built and raced by the area’s most famous athlete, Dennis Anderson, actually the only local who has his own action figure and a story to live up to it.

Anderson’s brainchild is Digger’s Dungeon, a well-conceived compound built around the Grave Digger monster truck with its tell-tail green flames and ghostly skull; this entertaining enclave is a genuine roadside attraction on US 158, locally called Caratoke Highway.

Visitors from all over the world journey to North Carolina’s Outer Banks for the pristine beaches and natural beauty, and many of them drive down the Currituck County mainland road and pass right in front of this homage to monster trucks. Here they can take photos, view the garage, ride in a monster van on a mud track, eat at Digger’s Diner, visit the petting zoo, let the kids drive mini-trucks, and shop for memorabilia, including that action figure.

Anderson is often on property, when not driving in national events along with his grown sons Adam and Ryan. They’ve all made a lifestyle of it, with dad still the big winner, taking home five championships in the sport.

Yet he has a heart as big as his passion for racing, demonstrated by his participation in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In 2010, he was awarded the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award from Make-A-Wish for his work with the children that the charity assists. The tough driver with a heart of gold says of his participation: “In 1992, I started my first Make-A-Wish. I’ve probably done somewhere around 400 ‘make-a-wish families’.

“I enjoy my work and get paid to play. Kids love what I do. Anytime I can make a family happy, especially in the tough moments of what’s going on in their lives right then, I do it.”

He often brings those wish recipients and their families to Digger’s Dungeon. “When they come here, they choose to come hang out with Dennis Anderson for a day instead of going to Disney World. They are on an adventure that day for them.

“And they write me and say it was the best day of their life. That really touches my heart.”

During our interview, Anderson told us how he started in monster trucks in 1981: “I worked at Currituck Grain. On days we weren’t working in the fields, I was kind of the handyman. I came from Chesapeake, Virginia. I was in Future Farmers of America (FFA). I worked on the farms (doing things like) digging drains or planting or picking or running a bulldozer. That was my specialty. I worked at the granary; I would sew bags of corn. Me and Gary Todd (one the family owners) saw a bit of each other, and he always had some nice shiny truck.

“One day he was trash talking me about racing in front of everybody, so we got into a mouth fight. I told him, ‘I’ll take that junk over there and dig you a grave.’ And I grabbed a can of spray paint and sprayed ‘Grave Digger’ on the side of an old ’51 Ford truck. That’s how I made it up, standing at Currituck Grain with corn dust all over me mouth fighting with Gary Todd.”

Dennis won that race, and the rest is history – lots of it.

If you haven’t heard of monster trucks, don’t fret. Even Anderson had his doubts: “My goal was to have a nice shop with a concrete floor because I started out in a chicken house that I converted into a shop, and it had a dirt floor. That was my biggest goal in life. I honestly didn’t believe that monster trucks were going to stabilize and be here as long as they have. I’ve seen it in its ups and downs but it’s here to stay.”

So is Digger’s Dungeon; see it when you come to the Outer Banks.

We also got into a conversation with Anderson about the TV show “Duck Dynasty,” which he admits most of his crew watches. “Would you like to meet them? we asked, to which he enthusiastically stated, “You bet!”

When we suggested to Anderson that he’d be a great candidate to show the “Duck Dynasty” fellas around Currituck and Duck, NC, with its rich, duck hunting heritage, he replied on tape: “I will blow their duck call, but they gotta come drive my Monster Truck!” (See the accompanying video for Anderson’s actual words.)

It might sound like a challenge, but it’s really an invitation. We envision Grave Digger’s millions of fans joining “Duck Dynasty’s” likewise massive fan base to make for a must-see episode for an upcoming episode.

Popular Vacation Spots And the Best Summer Season Travel Destinations

Popular Vacation Spots There are countless wonderful places to take a trip to throughout the world.
Centered on one’s passions and personal preferences, the destinations could be different but these 10 Popular Vacation Spots are regarded to be most popular among many travelers. Plus these cities are in fact suitable to go to at any time or season of the year. Nevertheless, many people prefer to discover them throughout the summer season for various reasons. If you’re seeking a good time this summer, these are some excellent vacation spots to take into consideration.

  • London, England

London has constantly been a preferred destination for world travelers.

All of the universal localities and destinations will certainly still be on show, such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Royal Albert Hall to mention just a few.

  • The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

If you want seeing Maya pyramids that are more than 1,500 years of age then the Yucatan Peninsula is the area to be.

The Yucatan Peninsula is literally diverse from most of Mexico both culturally and geographically. It’s a beautiful and relaxed area where people might safely get away and relax. The area has a rich history and is complete with amazing coastlines, and crystal-clear waters.

  • Ghana, Africa

If you have actually never taken a trip to Africa in the past, you might wish to browse through Ghana for your very first visit to the continent.

Ghana is comparatively secure and supplies some fantastic sites such as fortress, and national parks. Elmina Castle is just one of the most popular attractions as it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The views and wildlife are impressive, the meals and weather are terrific and the people are lovely.

  • Fukuoka, Japan

The Japanese city of Fukuoka is a contemporary marvel as it anticipates becoming the original city worldwide to be powered by hydrogen.

It’s in addition an enjoyable city with some stunning park areas and provides outstanding shopping selections along with some marvelous authentic Eastern dining amenities.

  • Beirut, Lebanon

It might be unusual to see a Middle East destination as a popular tourist area; however Beirut is commonly described as the Paris of the Middle East.

The environment is remarkable and the historical Mediterranean city is relatively multicultural. The night life is vivid and there are a lot of cafes to take a break and people to view throughout the daytime. The Beirut Balloon offers exceptional sights of the city and its surroundings.

  • Curacao,Venezuela

This previous Dutch colony is located off of the Venezuelan coast.

The Dutch architecture supplies some colorful buildings and it’s rather a fashionable location. The small island also attracts rave reviews for its seasides and snorkeling. The famous blue liqueur of the exact same label is additionally made right here from the bitter oranges that are found in Curacao.

  • Chongqing, China

For a moment in its history Chongqing acted as the capital city of China.

This makes it among the country’s most interesting, historic, and social regions. The city is an excellent spot to discover concerning Chinese life and society and to seek out some authentic Chinese food. You can likewise jump on a cruise ship if you’d like to take a picturesque journey up the famous Yangtze Stream.

  • Girona, Spain

The wonderful city of Girona offers some of Spain’s superlative design and social attractions.

It’s a smaller model of Barcelona, meaning it’s not as active, yet has several of the same varieties of intriguing tourist attractions to present. The neighborhood wine and food is exceptional in this lovely and popular destination.

  • The Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, CanadaThis natural marvel on Canada’s east coastline is famous for its tides.

The bay has the greatest tides worldwide and they rise and fall significantly every six hours. It’s a remarkable natural occurrence and the regional environment is incredible.

  • Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Kansas City features numerous world-class locations, featuring the only national World war gallery.
Alongside Rome, Kansas City is believed to be home to the biggest assortment of water fountains in the entire world. There is plenty to do here for individuals of all ages and passions.

Best Summer Season Destinations

These cities are in fact ideal to check out at any time of the year however, the summer season is the time when these cities come alive.

  • Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s stunning capital city pushes the coast of the popular Danube River as it impatiently flows out to the Black Sea.

A lot of people compare Budapest to Paris, yet it’s definitely not as crowded and is usually more cost efficient. The city is packed with history and natural elegance, including various unbelievable parks. City Park is the home of a top-class zoo, Vajdahunyad Fortress, and the Szechenyi Medspa.

The history and culture are remarkable and the night life’s pulsating. Among the most well-liked destinations is the annual Sziget Music Festival which happens each August on an island in the Danube River.

  • San Francisco, California, USA

The City by the Bay is one of the most gorgeous in the world and there’s plenty to see and do there.
Some of the top attractions include Coit Tower, Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the infamous Alcatraz jail.

If you would surely like to climb up the hills like the residents do, then simply hop on one of the city’s historical cable cars and explore the terrific neighborhoods such as Haight-Ashbury and the Castro.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

The port in Copenhagen is absolutely one of the cleanest worldwide and is a center of activity with bistros from one end to the other.

There are even a number of pools where you can cool down.

Tours of the city’s canals are famous and there are some great seasides close by. The retail is top-class and there is abundance of historic locations. Tivoli and Bakken could in addition be discovered right here, which are the 2 oldest amusement parks in the world.

  • Oxford,England

This city integrates a university city with English country life.
It’s just an hour from London, but also a great deal more tranquil. It’s full of stunning university buildings, bars, gardens, and parks.

The Bodleian library and Ashmolean Museum are among the best in the world and offer free admission. The marketplaces and shops are definitely worth exploring and you’ll have the ability to take a leisurely boat trip down the Harwell and Thames Rivers.

  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal is in fact the second-largest French-speaking city worldwide.

It’s the home of regular outstanding festivals such as the Festival International de Jazz music de Montreal.
There are some unbelievable coastlines along the St. Lawrence River and the old city is complete of lively stores, clubs, cobblestone squares, and pubs. The style is very European and there are lots of trails and playgrounds to take pleasure in.

  • Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden’s major city is very much like Venice in more than a few ways, but is far less crowded.
It’s set on 14 Baltic Sea islands and during the summer months, you’ll manage to get about 18 hrs of daytime daily. So there is an incredible amount of daylight to do so many things.

There are several waterways to discover and the eating and shopping are amazing. Two of the most popular locations are Stureplan Square and the Drottninggatan Street. In the Old Town, you’ll discover the Swedish crowd and Royal Royal residence sitting on the cobblestone roads.

  • St. Petersburg, Russia

This is the second-largest city in Russia and was previously referred to as Leningrad.
It’s now a prominent world Heritage listing as a result of the impressive style, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Palace Square, and winter season Palace.

The city is additionally home to over 200 galleries, 60 theaters, and 80 movie cinemas. It entices countless visitors to the White Nights Celebration which showcases opera, ballet, and a variety of other popular music genres. The nightlife needs to be seen to be believed also.

Today Russia is a growing tourist location, so preparing your Moscow — St. Petersburg trips are not a nuisance. There are plenty of deals around, so all you need to do is decide on one that fits you very well and check out among the world’s most stunning cities.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s capital city is the northern most capital in the world.

This suggests the summer days are full if light and you’ll have the ability to appreciate the geothermal-heated exterior swimming pools at just about whenever of the day. The town hall is easy to walk and felled of nightclubs, bistros, and boutiques. The countryside is remarkable and felled of a lot of backpacking trails, geysers, waterfalls, and excitable remnants.

Taliesin West: arrogantly, stubbornly very much Wright

Each year just after Thanksgiving, Frank Lloyd Wright departed Taliesin, his summer home in Spring Green Wisconsin for the warmth of Scottsdale Arizona. The famed architect built Taliesin West in 1937 and journeyed there every winter until his death at age 91. Today, the property houses the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

Wright was a consummate entertainer, especially at his winter home where through the years he added a music pavilion, a cabaret theatre and other entertainment venues. Each room harbors a heavy stone fireplace.

Wright marries the land to his living spaces

The various structures that comprise the compound are built of natural materials – wood frames filled with concrete, desert rocks, quartz and large boulders. Wright treasured the area’s near-endless horizons and wanted his structures to complement the land.

A dominant shape that’s often repeated through the National Historic Landmark is the triangle – found among eaves, frames and various other supports and decorative elements. Wright felt it mimicked the surrounding mountains, along with the desert, forever full of sharp, pointy things.

The property is continually under restoration, including the recent replacement of redwood beams that suffered dry rot. The supports were replaced with Douglas Fir painted red, but increasingly, steel is being used to further strengthen the buildings.

Wright’s choices may seem odd to some modern architects

The property’s centerpiece is the sloping, airy living room, filled with signature, Wright-designed furniture. The room is suffused with natural light, with one wall sloping dramatically, forcing visitors to sit on angled chairs to enjoy a garden view.

Not all of Wright’s choices make sense, including the redwood beams which were known to eventually suffer dry rot in the intense desert heat, and the thirsty, emerald carpet of grass that fronts the property. Visitors may find the property both beautiful, ugly, harsh, stunning and sometimes just wrong – as well as arrogantly, stubbornly very much Wright. The lesson? Damn the critics. Build your vision.

Top 5 Must Explore Cities in Canada

Canada evokes thoughts of snow-studded mountains, long, dark and chilling winters, pleasant summers, exciting winter carnivals and sports, and abundant adventure sites. Unique and rich flora and fauna of the country has been one of its key draws prompting scores of nature enthusiasts to dig for airlines offering cheap air tickets to travel to Canada. Canada has expansive forests, national parks and from snow clad to verdant mountains that house some of the most interesting and unique vegetation as well as many endemic birds and animal species. Much as it is difficult to spot, the giant Polar Bear deserves a special mention!

Add to these the charming cities with uber modern ambiance, legacy of kaleidoscopic blend of cultures and life styles, beautifully designed quaint and modern houses, stunning building architecture, lively markets, high nightlife, varied and luscious food and indeed the warm hospitality of their people. Travelers taking flights to Canada can rest assured of a thrilling holiday which is sure to leave an indelible imprint on their minds.

Take a look at the top five 5 must-visit cities of Canada that ideally suffice the element of surprises.


Canada’s largest city and the fifth largest in North America, Toronto is one of the amazing destinations in the world. The city is the preferred choice of many travelers taking cheap flights to Canada as the launch pad of their Canada holidays. This metropolis is replete with scintillating skyscrapers, leafy residential areas, transplanted culture, star-studded film festivals, delectable cuisines and amazing nightlife. Toronto embraces the unique melange of European, Latin American, Asian and Caribbean cultures. It is affluent with number of sightseeing attractions like Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Bata Shoe Museum, Canada’s Wonderland, CN Tower, and Gardiner Museum. A great shopping and culinary experience is guaranteed in Toronto for shopaholics and gourmands taking flights to Canada.


Montreal is the city of hundred nations. It offers the most fascinating urban cultures in the world. Millions around the globe are enticed with its elating mix of Gallic tradition and optimism of North America. Montreal is a fabulous fun centre for every one taking holidays to Canada. This cultural chameleon oozes style with fashion-conscious workers, deep rooted culture, hip nightlife and a thriving restaurant scene. City’s noteworthy attractions – Bell Centre, Centre Canadien d’Architecture (CCA), Galerie René Blouin, and Montreal Science Centre, sprinkle ecstasy to one’s journey.


Vancouver is a gleaming, modern city steeped in Pacific flavour. Adorned with snow-capped cliffs, dense waterfront forests, imposing mountains to the north and ocean at the edges make this city a popular holiday destination in Canada. With countless adventurous outdoors – cycling, hiking, rafting, mountain biking, camping and skiing – Vancouver is a hot favourite of adrenaline junkies taking cheap flights to Canada. Spectacular attractions like Capilano Suspension Bridge, Chinatown and Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden, Granville Island, Museum of Vancouver, and Roedde House Museum make for unforgettable Canada holidays.

Quebec City

A beautiful city featuring lush green pastures, majestic mountain ranges, rugged coastlines, romantic bistros, delicious cuisines and amiable denizens'” Quebec is all this and much more! The rich and vibrant culture of this city is something that bewilders even the most discerning of cultural aficionados. A UNESCO World Heritage – Quebec City is picturesquely located in the Saint Lawrence River valley with upper town that sits atop strategic Cap Diamant and offers a perfect exposure to surrounding natural splendour. Visitors descending upon the shores of Quebec City can see the countless attractions like Fortifications de Québec (Quebec Fortifications), Musée de l’Amérique Française (Museum of French America), Musée de la Civilisation (Museum of Civilisation) and Observatoire de la Capitale (Capital Observatory).


First-time visitors never fail to be surprised by Ottawa’s charm. It is a vibrant Canadian city that offers intriguing history, acres of green space and tons of European charisma. Ottawa is a buzzing urban centre that nestles between the River Ottawa, Rideau Canal and River Rideau, facing towards the Gatineau Hills of Québec.

This city is the centre for visual and performing arts, with various museums and galleries.
In addition to this it offers an invigorating range of outdoor recreational opportunities like winter skating, cycling, kayaking and canoeing on the city’s waterways. The city’s main attraction includes Canada Agriculture Museum, Canada Agriculture Museum, Canadian War Museum and Parliament Hill.